Mushroom Matcha + Adaptogens and Collagen

Mushroom Matcha + Adaptogens and Collagen

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This powerhouse mushroom matcha is packed with high-quality ingredients to leave you feeling focused, calm, and confident throughout your day. Containing ceremonial grade matcha, organic lions mane, organic chaga, L-theanine, organic ashwaghanda, organic maca, and hydrolized collagen peptides, this mushroom matcha has everything you need to bring a vibrant positive energy to your mornings in a creamy delicious drink. 30 servings.

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Mushroom Matcha + Adaptogens and Collagen

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benefits of mushroom matcha

Antioxidants High in powerful antioxidants, particularly the catechin epigallocatechin gallate.
Clean Energy Caffeine and l-theanine combine to create clean, smooth energy that wont give you jitters or leave you crashing.
Cognitive Support Ingredients like lions mane and chaga are shown to be neuroprotectant and support cognitive function.
Smoother Skin With type 1 and 2 bovine collagen peptides, this magical matcha will leave your skin looking younger than ever.

What's Inside?

Our professional formulists spent a great deal of time and effort ensuring that every ingredient that went into our Mushroom Matcha contributed to bringing you an experience that is not just energizing, but bright and flavorful as well. Unlike other brands, we're proud of the effective dosage of each ingredient we put into our blend, because we know it's what sets us apart.  

Ceremonial Grade Matcha Ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality matcha on the planet, known for it's aromatic flavor profile and striking green color.
Lions Mane Fruiting Body Lions mane has been shown to serve as a neuroprotectant for your brain while bringing a calm, steady focus to your day.
Chaga Fruiting Body Chaga mushrooms are renowned for their high antioxidants, potentially boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, and more.
Ashwagandha Powder Ashwagandha is celebrated for its stress-reducing effects, enhancing brain function, and potentially increasing strength and endurance.
Maca Root Powder Maca root is known for its potential ability to enhance energy, mood, and memory, improve sexual health, and balance hormone levels.
Bioavailable L-Theanine Powder L-theanine promotes relaxation without drowsiness, improves focus, reduces stress, and may enhance sleep quality and immunity.
Type 1&2 Bovine Collagen Peptides Collagen powder supports skin elasticity and hydration, reduces wrinkles, strengthens hair and nails, and aids in joint health and bone strength.

The Mush Mouth Difference

Ryze Everyday Dose
Ceremonial_Grade_Matcha Matcha Tea
1000mg “proprietary blend” “proprietary blend”
Lion_s_Mane Lion’s Mane
260mg “proprietary blend” “proprietary blend”
Chaga Chaga
260mg “proprietary blend”
Ashwagandha Ashwagandha
Maca_Root Maca Root
L-Theanine L-Theanine
50mg “proprietary blend”
Collagen_Peptides Collagen Peptides
1000mg “proprietary blend”
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Ceremonial_Grade_Matcha Matcha Tea
Lion_s_Mane Lion’s Mane
Chaga Chaga
Ashwagandha Ashwagandha
Maca_Root Maca Root
L-Theanine L-Theanine
Collagen_Peptides Collagen Peptides
Free Shipping Over $50
Servings Per Bag
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Price Per Serving
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Everyday Dose “proprietary blend” “proprietary blend” “proprietary blend” “proprietary blend” “proprietary blend” 30 $50.00 $1.67

What Real People Have To Say

Your Morning Routine Made Easy

Scoop Add 1-2 scoops of mushroom matcha powder into a mug or cup
Add Water Add 2oz of hot water to the same cup as the mushroom matcha powder
Mix Using a frother or spoon, mix the mushroom matcha and water until blended smooth
Add Milk and Enjoy Top off your cup with hot or cold milk and enjoy! Add ice for an iced matcha latte

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Mushroom Matcha Taste?

Our Mushroom Matcha tastes very similar to regular ceremonial grade matcha with a bit of an earthy flavor. Don't worry, it doesn't taste like mushrooms!

How Do You Prepare Mushroom Matcha?

To prepare mushroom matcha, add 1-2 scoops of mushroom matcha powder to your preferred cup, mix with 2-3 ounces of hot water, then stir in 4-5 ounces of hot or cold milk.

Can You Drink Mushroom Matcha Every Day?

Yes, you can drink Mushroom Matcha daily as it has no long-term negative side effects. However, due to its high caffeine content, consuming too much may cause headaches or insomnia, which generally fade as the caffeine wears off.

For optimal benefits, 1–2 cups per day are recommended, with each serving of matcha being between 2 and 4 grams.

When Is The Best Time To Drink Mushroom Matcha?

For Matcha lovers, any time can be the right time, but some times are better than others. Here are the four best times to enjoy Matcha;

  • Morning: Perfect for a caffeine boost to start your day, providing sustained energy without the crash.
  • Before Working Out: Great for a pre-workout boost to power through exercises, especially paired with high-protein soy milk for muscle recovery.
  • After a Meal: Helps alleviate the bloated and sleepy feeling after a heavy meal.
  • At Night: Can keep you energized for a late night out without interfering with your sleep, if consumed a few hours before bed.

If you're sensitive to caffeine, limit your intake and avoid drinking Matcha right before sleeping.

Does Mushroom Matcha Have Caffeine?

Yes, our Mushroom Matcha uses real ceremonial grade matcha and contains about 30-40mg of natural caffeine per scoop.

Whats The Difference Between Matcha and Mushroom Matcha

Our Mushroom Matcha contains the highest quality ceremonial matcha that you may have had by itself. The difference is ours also contains super healthy mushrooms and adaptogens such as lions mane, chaga, and more.

What is the difference between ceremonial grade and regular matcha?

Ceremonial Grade Matcha boasts a more vivid and rich green hue because it is crafted from the youngest tea leaves, which are richer in chlorophyll. In contrast, Culinary Grade Matcha features a slightly less intense yet still appealing green color, as it is made from older tea leaves that have absorbed more sunlight.

How Should I Store Mushroom Matcha?

To keep your Mushroom Matcha fresh and flavorful, follow these simple guidelines;

  • Store your matcha in an airtight container to protect it from oxygen, which can degrade its beneficial catechins.
  • Keep matcha away from heat and humidity. If necessary, store it in the fridge, but ensure it's in an airtight container to avoid absorbing odors.
  • Serve matcha at room temperature. If stored in the fridge, let it reach room temp before opening to prevent condensation.
  • Store matcha in a dark place or a dark container to prevent light exposure, which can destroy its vibrant green color and flavor.

Matcha does not improve with age. Use it fresh for the best taste and health benefits.

Can I Use Mushroom Matcha as a Pre-Workout Supplement?

Yes, you can use mushroom matcha as a pre-workout supplement. The caffeine from the matcha tea can provide a natural energy boost, while the medicinal mushrooms may help support endurance and recovery. 

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